Top 30 Fat Burning Super Foods

You’ll be surprised with how many of these super foods you already know and love and just how easy it would be to add more of them into your every day life. The best part of all: everything listed below will be easy to find at your local grocery store.

Avocado – Rich in L-Carnitie that can metabolize fat cells

Green Tea- Contains an antioxidant that boosts metabolism

Blueberry- Full of soluble fiber to help you feel full longer

Almonds- Contains Zinc and Vitamin B to help curb cravings for sugar

Oatmeal- High in soluble fiber that can also help you feel fuller longer

Salmon- Packed with Protein and Amino Acids to help build muscle and efficient fat-burning

Flax Seed- Has a high amount of dietary fiber which helps keep you regular

Orange- Also high in fiber and helps curb appetite

Tomatoes- Contains 9-oxo-ODA a fat-burning compound

Apple- Full of natural pectin, which limits the amount of fat that your body absorbs

Hot Peppers- Increases metabolism and speeds up the conversion of food to engery

Olive Oil- Can Fight off inflammatory diseases including obesity

Raw Apple Cider Vinegar- Helps digestion and regulate the blood glucose level

Cinnamon- Even just one Tablespoon can help regulate blood Sugar

Quinoa- Contains amino acids, protein-rich and high amounts of fiber

Pine Nuts- Full of compounds that suppress the appetite by working against the hunger hormone

Bananas- High amounts of soluble fiber that helps slow down digestion

Mushrooms- Low in calories and fat, contains potassium for improved blood pressure

Coconut Oil- Easily digested by the body and converted into engery

Sweet Potato- Low in calories, but high in fibre

Eggs- Contains healthy fats and good cholesterol, good source of lean protein that can help burn fat throughout the day

Lentils- High in fiber, helps you feel full for a long time

Chicken Breast- High in quality protein which can help you build lean muscle

Greek Yogurt- Contains a higher amount of protein and less sugar then regular yogurt

Grapefruit- It’s natural high acidity attacks fat cells

Broccoli- Low in calories but high in nutrients and fiber

Asparagus- Natural diuretic that can help rid the body of excess water

Kidney Beans- Rich in Iron, Potassium and Magnesium

Goji Berry- Contains Chromium, an important trace element for preserving lean muscle mass

Kale- High amounts of antioxidants can fight off inflammatory diseases including obesity



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