10 Foods To Help With Digestion and Gut Health

1: Coconut Oil: Easy to digest fatty acids that boost your energy levels, and help to burn fat as well.

2: Fermented Foods: Are awesome probiotics, improve digestion, and help to lose weight. Use sauerkraut, kimchi, and pickles.

3: Bone Broth: This incredibly rich food helps your stomach to repair cell walls, also contains collagen (for your beautiful skin and joints), and boosts your immune system.

4: Kombucha: Powerful probiotic that fights candida, heals your gut, and improves your mental clarity.

5: Kefir: A Cultured dairy drink that improves your digestion, and has a lot of calcium.

6: Ginger: Fixes malabsorption, fights bad bacteria, boosts your immune system.

7: Turmeric: A superfood that has an incredible anti-inflammatory effect.

8: Omega- 3 Foods: Supports the good bacteria in your gut. Choose wild caught salmon, walnuts and chia seeds.

9: Probiotics: Supplement to improve your gut health. Yogurt is a good source as well.

10: Sweet Potatoes/Yams: Are fermentable starches that restore your gut flora.

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