The Many Health Benifits Of Spin Class

Spin class is another fad that is taking the fitness community by storm and me along with it. I tried my first spin class many months ago and love it still to this day. Heres some of the reasons why I love it so much, besides the fact that it’s just insanely fun:

High-Calorie Burn: One of the best things about spinning is that it blasts through calories and body fat with a one hour class working off up to 700 calories. This makes spinning a top weight loss toll and by going to spin class weekly, you can easily lose over 1lb of body fat per month.

Improved Cardiovascular Fitness: Spinning is an intense exercise that strengthens your heart, lungs and vascular system. This enhances the amount of oxygen they can pump around your body which improves your energy and endurance levels during exercise.

Low Impact Exercise: Many cardiovascular exercises such as running and skipping are high impact and place pressure on your joints, which leads to pain and injury in the long term. Spinning is a low impact cardiovascular exercise and gives you an intense workout without impacting your joints.

Fun Filled Workout: Cycling on a stationary bike in the gym quickly gets boring and repetitive. However, the group atmosphere, ever-changing intensity and motivational instructor all come together to make spinning a fun-filled workout you’ll love.

Improved Motivation: If you find it difficult to stay motivated when you exercise, a spinning class is a perfect solution. The music, instructor and other class members all help create a motivational atmosphere that will keep your spirits high.

Suits All Fitness Levels: In a spinning class, you choose the pace and intensity. This means whether you’re just getting started in the world of fitness or you’re a pro, spinning is a top choice. You’re in full control at all times and can match your intensity to your current level of personal fitness.

Low Injury Risk: Most free forms of cardiovascular exercise such as running and step aerobics come with a high injury risk and leave you susceptible to joint injuries, overstretching, sprains and muscle tears. Spinning protects against many of these injuries by guiding your movements and taking pressure off your joints. This helps keep your muscles and joints free from injury and prevents you from overstretching your body.

Enhanced Muscles Strength and Tone: Spinning does a fantastic job of tining and strengthening the muscles in your core and lower body. The pedalling action directly targets your leg muscles while maintaining the correct position on the bike works your abdominal muscles and lower back. Pedalling faster at a lighter intensity promotes muscle toning while pedalling slower at a higher intensity strengthens your muscles.

Increased Mental Fitness: Spinning provides you with a physical release for stress and pressure and has a relaxing, soothing effect on your mind. The challenge of spinning also helps build mental strength, discipline and determination.

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